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Welcome to my coaching practice. I’ll be your guide to more fulfillment, peace of mind, joy, and life satisfaction through transformational coaching, personal finance mastery, or both.

Ready to start your journey?

About Me:

I’m Louise, a Northern California-based transformational, spiritual and financial coach. My guiding principles are based on the teachings of the Serenity Prayer: Change what you can, accept what you can’t, and learn to know the difference.

My mission is to help you find clarity, confidence, and balance. Whether it’s navigating your relationship to money or deepening your relationship to self, I bring a holistic approach that combines practical tools with deep empathy.

My IFS-informed life coaching practice is designed to guide you through self-discovery, helping you define your goals, get out of your own way, and create a life aligned with your values. My background in transformative coaching allows me to support you as you navigate transitions, career changes, and personal/spiritual development.

In my work as a personal finance coach, I introduce innovative tools that simplify budgeting and empower you to take control of your money. My approach is flexible and tailored to your needs, ensuring that budgeting, spending and saving become stress-free and aligned with your lifestyle.

I have spent the last 18+ years acquiring skills, degrees and certifications in:

  • ACC Credential from the International Coaching Federation
  • Graduate Certificate in Transformative Life Coaching from Sofia University
  • YNAB Certified Budgeting and Personal Finance Coach
  • BA Degree from University of California, Berkeley
  • Internal Family Systems Online Circle Participant
  • Studied Relationship Psychology with Jayson Gaddis
  • Studied Nonviolent Communication with Newt Bailey

I look forward to supporting you on the path of discovery, remembrance, and true freedom!

“I always walk away with a new perspective and clarity after a coaching session with Louise. She provides the perfect balance of practical and intuitive guidance which is always on target. She has a way with asking just the right questions that inevitably prompt a meaningful solution. I would highly recommend working with her.”